About Jamestown Industries, Inc.

Our Company

Jamestown is a Supply Chain Partner focused on reliable and cost effective contract manufacturing and logistics services. Our headquarters is located in Dayton, Ohio with a plant in Youngstown, Ohio.

We help OEM and Tier-one Manufacturers innovate strategic segments of their Supply Chain so they can lower their operations cost related to inventory, transportation, and manufacturing labor while maintaining and improving quality and delivery requirements.

Our History

Jamestown Industries, Inc. was founded in 1983 on the idea of achieving complete customer satisfaction.

Satisfied customers are the cornerstone of our business, and a major reason we have enjoyed over 30 years of business growth while earning numerous awards and accolades. Our dedication to achieving customer satisfaction continues to be the driving force behind everything Jamestown does today.

For A Quick Response


Jamestown Industries was founded in 1983 in Xenia, Ohio to Paint and Assemble Light Flex Leaf Springs for Delphi and the Corvette Assembly Plant.


Jamestown was contracted to assemble Electrical Door, Window and Seat switches for Delphi / GM.


Jamestown was asked to do the prototypes for a new mini car from Europe that evolved into the modern day Smart Car.


Jamestown expanded with an injection molding and paint division in order to mold and paint most of the components we produced. In the first five years of operation, this division grew from 10 to 120 employees.


Jamestown was awarded a contract to assemble and sequence Floor Carpet and Door Panels for the GM assembly plant in Moraine, Ohio.


Jamestown was processing over 1,000,000 springs annually and had earned the GM Supplier of the Year Award. Our original facilities were located in Xenia, Ohio and we employed approximately 150 people. Sales averaged $30 million per year.


Jamestown Industries expanded operations to Youngstown, Ohio to support the need for front and rear fascia sequencing and assembly for the GM Lordstown plant.


The business grew from 30 employees to 300, from 30,000 sq. ft. to 500,000 sq. ft.,  and from 2 commodities to 40.


By outperforming our competition, we managed to add 8 new commodities in 2008 before the GM Moraine Plant closed. We feel this is significant. We had earned the plant’s confidence in our abilities to reduce and control cost during down times. We managed to achieve to our objective; to be the last sequencer standing to service GM Moraine.


Jamestown Industries continues to operate its Youngstown, Ohio plant to support the assembly and sequencing of front and rear fascia for the Chevy Cruze nationwide.


Jamestown made strategic investments into relationships and resources to expand their ability to serve among a variety of industries outside of automotive.